JAMES HUBER, author, lives in Central Georgia and does his work from home. With an AA in Public Administration, and a BA in International Relations and Government, he acquired his education in a unique manner – all part time and weekends.

He was assigned with the U.S. Air Force in Europe for seven years and while there he had classes at Oxford which assisted him in later life when he started writing. After 21 years in the Air Force, Mr. Huber went to work teaching undergraduate courses in Western Civilization, Comparative Religions and Comparative Politics.

He moved on to work for the Department of Labor teaching at the Job Corps. While there he taught Office Procedures, ESL and Customs and Courtesies. He retired yet again and took up writing. Due to the help and encouragement of his wife, Rose, he has completed over 20 books. Among these genres are: Crime, Time Travel, Alternative History, Paranormal, Cyber Punk and two Opus including both an Alternative to history dealing with “what if” episodes in America and other countries. The other OPUS is a compilation of 8 books that detail a disintegration of the United States and rise to power of another “set” of states.

James continues to write and uses his travels around Europe, America, and Central America to develop ideas and find subjects for his book, all while at home in Central Georgia.


His awards include:

BEST NOVEL of 2013

Finalist in 2017 for Southern Fiction (CHRISTOPHER)

Time of No Return
“Honorable Mention” for 2017